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"A Stealthy Approach" is the first level of Tide of Terror in Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus.


The Cooper van pulls up outside of Raleigh's hideout, and Sly jumps out the back. Bentley calls on the binoc-u-com to teach Sly how to climb poles and ladders.

Later on, Sly encounters the first checkpoint in the game, and Sly and Bentley discuss Raleigh's plans in another binoc cutscene. After some more platforming sections, Sly collects the first of Raleigh's treasure keys and uses it to unlock the gate leading to Prowling the Grounds.[1]

Level triggers[]

The LevelWarpTriggers in this level use the following warp pointers.

Destination Warp pointer
The Hideout TBD
Prowling the Grounds 0x0197C0C0

Notable glitches[]

Sign Proxy[]

Sign proxy is a stuck spot is between the "Keep Out" sign and the rocks at the very beginning of the level. If performed correctly, Sly will be launched out of bounds above the rocks.

This is the first proxy in the any% route. It is used to skip the first binoc cutscene with Bentley.

Periscope Proxy[]

Periscope Proxy is a proxy between one of Raleigh's rotating periscopes and a wooden post. It is located by the trees outside the gate to Raleigh's hideout.

This proxy is incredibly precise, but jumping between the periscope and the pole at just the right angle/distance will launch Sly into the air.

The outcome will vary depending on the exact conditions of the jump, but the ideal launch is on top of the rocks out of bounds, about halfway through the level.

ASA Void Drown[]

You can void drown out-of-bounds behind the van at the beginning of the level. It requires careful platforming to jump onto the van and then to the road behind it. If performed correctly it should launch Sly all the way to the key, skipping the entire level.