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Cops and Robbers is a two-player minigame in Sly 3: Honor Among Thieves. Its earlier name throughout development, and even in some demos, was 2P: Sly/Carmelita. The minigame underwent a few revisions throughout development, which is evident through intermediate builds.

E3 2005 demo[]

In the April 18 2005 build (the E3 2005 demo), the minigame is called "2P: Sly/Carmelita".

  • Sly's charged cane spin attack from Sly 2 is present and can be executed; press and hold square.
  • Initially, pressing triangle as Sly will trigger his uppercut attack from Sly 2. However, once Sly attacks Carmelita, pressing triangle will trigger a prototype of his charge combo.
    • The triangle button acts as both an attack and a charge-up; in order to "charge" up the attack, Sly must land consecutive triangle hits on enemies. If consecutive hits are not landed, the combo is reset to level 1.
  • In addition to dropping off loot, Sly also gains points by killing Carmelita.
  • Carmelita cannot natively perform Mega Jump; she must obtain the Mega Jump power-up to perform it.
  • The voice actors for Sly and Carmelita when they pick up powerups are different than their retail voice actors.

Available power-ups[]

Sly Cooper
  • Shield – Shields him from weapon attacks like the shock pistol and heatseekers.
  • Rocket Boots – Allows Sly to quickly zoom through the city.
  • Smoke Bomb – Drops a smoke bomb that causes Carmelita to stop and cough if she is nearby.
Carmelita Fox
  • Heatseeker – A missile that homes in on its target.
  • Hypnotize – Makes Sly walk in a trance with reversed controls and causes a hypnotic effect to cover the screen.
  • Teleport – This moves her right next to Sly.


  • Mega Jump – Allows them to jump higher than usual.