Sly Cooper Technical Wiki
Load... m_ext

m_ext is a location that can be loaded from the Debug menu of the August 02 2005 and September 05 2005 builds of Sly 3. It loads the player into the external environment of Kaine Island.

Playable characters[]

  • m_van_suv (Cooper Van; controls like the RC car)[1]
  • bentley (Bentley)
  • m_biplane_hero (Biplane)[1]
  • shaman (The Guru)[2]
  • jt (Sly Cooper)
  • penelope (Penelope)
  • panda_king (Panda King)[1]
  • murray (Murray)[1]
  • m_robot_car (Dr. M's RC car)[1]
  • m_robot_car (Dr. M's RC car)[1]
  • m_robot_car (Dr. M's RC car)[1]
  • m_robot_car (Dr. M's RC car)[1]
  • c_rccar (Penelope's RC car)[1]

Warp positions[]

  • APPROACH_1ST_SLIDE_RAIL - Slide rail just before Elephants overlooking the ledge in the Prologue
  • car_jump_1 - First car jump of "Bump-Charge-Jump"
  • car_jump_2 - Second car jump of "Bump-Charge-Jump"
  • car_jump_3 - Third car jump of "Bump-Charge-Jump"
  • Center - Entrance to the Cooper Vault
  • E - Relative east point of the map
  • Intro_binoc - Starting point of gameplay portion of Prologue
  • Intro_house_roof -Base of tower that Guru helps knock over in the Prologue
  • Intro_start - Starting point of cinematic portion of Prologue
  • pk_strike - Trigger point where Panda King launches fireworks to open the hatch door in the Prologue
  • S - Relative south point of the map, next to the pirate ship dock
  • Security_room - Security room beneath the hatch door
  • Security_tower - Security tower after taking the elevator in the Prologue
  • W - Relative west point of the map