Sly Cooper Technical Wiki
Load... o_ext

o_ext is a location that can be loaded from the Debug menu of the August 02 2005 and September 05 2005 builds of Sly 3. It loads the player into the Outback Safehouse.

Playable characters[]

  • carmelita (Carmelita Fox)
  • bentley (Bentley)
  • shaman (The Guru)
  • jt (Sly Cooper)
  • murray (Murray)
  • safe_house (Character selection screen in Safehouse)

Warp positions[]

  • E - Top of "Big Truck"
  • fc_croc - In front of lake with crocodile
  • fc_dingo - Ramp leading up to the top of the bar
  • GURU_HOME - The Guru's home where Murray had an "accident"
  • head
  • N - The middle of the path from the grinder to the stockade
  • NEAR_CRUSHER - Location where the grinder is
  • RECON_COMPLETE - Last location of "Search for the Guru" just before the cutscene is triggered
  • S - Just before the pathway towards the first location in "Search for the Guru"
  • SHAMAN_REFINERY - In front of the generator
  • shaman_start - In front of the Guru's stockade
  • W - Just before the wire leading to the Guru's home