Sly Cooper Technical Wiki
Load... o_quarry

o_quarry is a location that can be loaded from the Debug menu of the August 02 2005 and September 05 2005 builds of Sly 3. It loads the player into the Outback quarry, where scorpions can be found.

Playable characters[]

  • bentley (Bentley)
  • o_truck_player (Big Truck, though control is limited; it has no gravity and only R1 works)
  • carmelita (Carmelita Fox)
  • shaman (The Guru)
  • jt (Sly Cooper)
  • murray (Murray)

Warp positions[]

  • head - location of bottom gear of drill
  • head - location of mask rung of giant Carmelita in "Operation: Moon Crash"
  • tower_1 - base of the drill tower
  • tower_2 - top of the drill tower