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Paris, France is the tutorial level for Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus.


With Sly in position on the roof of Police Headquarters, the gang goes over the job via a binoc-u-com cutscene. Sly encounters the blue master thief auras for the first time, which Bentley explains in another binoc cutscene.

Sly enters the building through an air vent, disarms a laser security system, and makes his way to the office of Inspector Carmelita Fox. After stealing a police file from her vault, Sly makes his exit to the fire escape where he is confronted by Carmelita in an in-game cutscene.

A shootout ensues and Sly makes a hasty retreat into the Cooper van. After a fade-to-black, the game plays the cutscene The Secret Police File.[1]

Level triggers[]

The LevelWarpTriggers in this level use the following warp pointers.

Destination Warp pointer
The Hideout 0x019448B0

Notable glitches[]

Paris Skip[]

There is a gap in the fall barrier surrounding the rooftop. This allows Sly to fall directly from the roof to the parking lot, bypassing the Carmelita cutscene and skipping almost the entire level.

A variant of this glitch, called Explore Paris, can be used to fall out-of-bounds outside of the parking lot. From there, Sly is free to explore out-of-bounds.


  • The French flag on top of the Eiffel Tower is the same flag asset used in the in the intro cutscene. It uses the flag-waving sound effect despite being too far away to hear during normal gameplay.[2]
  • The moon is not part of the skybox, rather, it is a sprite suspended in the air.
  • Sinking Peril uses the same skybox as Paris, France.