Sly Cooper Technical Wiki

Prowling the Grounds is the hub level of Tide of Terror in Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus.

Level triggers[]

The WarpTriggers in this level use the following warp pointers.

Destination Warp pointer
A Stealthy Approach 0x017B4FA0
High Class Heist 0x017B5680
Into the Machine 0x017B6410
A Cunning Disguise TBD
The Fire Down Below 0x017B46A0
Treasure in the Depths 0x012BF240
Gunboat Graveyard 0x016E3E10
Eye of the Storm 0x017B5F80

Notable glitches[]

Generator skip[]

It is possible to destroy the generator without collecting any treasure keys. Climb up to the rooftop near the warp to A Cunning Disguise and wait until the guard is facing towards the holographic marker. Then, run towards the gard and intentionally fall off the roof near the generator, catching the guards attention just as you fall. If done correctly, the guard will attempt to shoot Sly but will instead hit the generator, destroying it.