Sly Cooper Technical Wiki

Reset is a function in the Debug menu in the August 02 2005 and September 05 2005 builds of Sly 3: Honor Among Thieves. It allows the player to reset to certain checkpoints of Jobs in the episode that the player is currently in.


  • Reset to Checkpoint... - Lists all job checkpoints
  • Reset to Checkpoint and Zero Focus... - Lists all job checkpoints. Selecting one triggers the checkpoint as if it is the first time the player is entering the checkpoint.
  • Reset via Wayback Machine... - Lists the beginning checkpoints of all the jobs and master thief challenges.
  • Continue Lineup - Continues lineup to the next checkpoint
  • Reload...
    • Reload to Checkpoint...
    • Reload to Checkpoint and Zero Focus...
    • Reload via Wayback Machine...
    • Reload with Normal Screen
    • Reload with Multiplayer Screen
    • Reload with 3D Screen
    • Reload with Language...
    • Reload with Cleared Game State