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The July 8 2005 build of Sly 3: Honor Among Thieves, colloquially known as the GameStop demo, was a demo given out at GameStop.


The main menu music is the underground Venice theme. The demo contains five items:

Lemonade Brawl[]

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In the July 08 2005 build (the GameStop demo), the job is called "Lemonade Brawl".

  • The introductory cutscene, where the Cooper Gang barges into the bar, is omitted; the demo jumps straight to the drinking challenge.
  • The scrolling instructions along the top of the drinking challenge states: "Press triangle,circle, x, square in any order to drink lemonade faster!"
  • Despite Sly's controls in the pause menu indicating that square can charge up Sly's charged cane spin attack from Sly 2, it is not present in gameplay.
  • Sly's Charge Combo operate identically to the final retail builds; The Triangle button charges the combo.
  • Spin Attack Level 1 is the only charge combo available to the player.
  • When Murray is carrying an enemy, circle is used to pickpocket, regardless if the enemy is carrying any coins.
  • The art on the coins is the same art used in the Sly 2 Prologue. (Clockwerk wings)
  • The scrolling instructions along the top of the Mask boss battle states: "Let Bentley and Murray stun him before attacking."

Fly the Biplane[]

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The Shaman Escapes[]

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2P: Sly/Carmelita[]

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