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In order to improve the overall credibility and professional character of the Sly Cooper Wiki, editors should provide references to sources of any information. Material that is challenged and for which no source is provided may be removed.



Do not reference sources in the introduction; most, if not all of the information in the introduction is mentioned again later in the article and should be referenced within the main text. This helps to limit congestion of the introductory text and keep the overall presentation respectable. If, however, a sourced piece of information is not mentioned again in the main text, reference it where required.


References go immediately after punctuation and outside of quotation marks, with no space between the end of a sentence and a reference tag. It must be made directly after what is being referenced, so as to prevent confusion to the reader. If an entire paragraph references information from a single source, then simply place the reference at the end of the paragraph.

How to reference[]


References should be inserted as follows;

  • For the single insertion of a reference, enter:
<ref>''[[Sly 2: Band of Thieves]]''</ref>
  • For multiple insertions of the same reference, place the following at the first insertion point:
<ref name="SC2">''[[Sly 2: Band of Thieves]]''</ref>
  • Then, place the following at the second and all subsequent insertion points of reference:
<ref name="SC2"/>

Reference list[]

At the bottom of the article, just before categories and navboxes, the following must be inserted:



There are several templates that aid in the addition of references:

  • Template:Cite – Used to generate references for every piece of media in the Sly Cooper series. For information on how to use, see the documentation.
  • Template:References – Equivalent of inserting the <references/> tag. This should be used if the list of references is larger and must be in a scrolling box. For more information, see the documentation.