Sly Cooper Technical Wiki

Tide of Terror is the first world in Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus. Its internal name in the game's files is underwater (abbreviated uw).


There are 9 levels in Tide of Terror, including the hub.

ID Name Filename Type
100 A Stealthy Approach uw_exterior_approach Intro
101 Prowling the Grounds uw_exterior_boat Hub
102 High Class Heist uw_bonus_security Platforming
103 Into the Machine uw_bonus_drivewheels Platforming
104 A Cunning Disguise uw_bonus_library Platforming
105 The Fire Down Below uw_c2_final Platforming
106 Treasure in the Depths uw_rip_off Minigame
107 Gunboat Graveyard uw_t3_final Platforming
108 The Eye of the Storm uw_boss_blimp Boss