Sly Cooper Technical Wiki
Load... v_ext

v_ext is a location that can be loaded from the Debug menu of the August 02 2005 and September 05 2005 builds of Sly 3. It loads the player into the Venice Safehouse.

Playable characters[]

  • carmelita (Carmelita Fox)
  • bentley (Bentley)
  • jt (Sly Cooper)
  • murray (Murray)
  • safe_house (Character selection screen in Safehouse)
  • rhythm_heist (the Opera duet camera angle[1] or the camera angle directly behind the Safehouse[2]) (needs verification)

Warp positions[]

  • disguise_start - start location of "Guard Duty"
  • FOLLOW_INTRO - start location of "Octavio Snap"
  • recon_chase_complete - end location of "Police HQ"
  • recon_chase_start - start location of the chase sequence in "Police HQ"
  • RECON_INTERPOL_ROOF - roof entrance to the police station
  • Rialto - top of Rialto bridge
  • RUN_GAUNTLET_BALCONY - balcony on back of the Octavio clock tower
  • RUN_TARGET_2 - location of second target of "Run ‘n Bomb"
  • SafeHouse - front of Safehouse
  • SAFEHOUSE_ROOF - roof of Safehouse
  • San_Marco - Piazza San Marco, surrounded by the clock tower and police station
  • turf_war_battle1 - start location of first battle of "Turf War!"
  • turf_war_battle2 - start location of second battle of "Turf War!"
  • turf_war_battle3 - start location of third battle of "Turf War!"
  • turf_war_battle4 - start location of fourth battle of "Turf War!"
  • turf_war_intro - start location of "Turf War!"