Sly Cooper Technical Wiki

Vaults are game objects found in certain levels. They take the form of safes locked with three-digit combination locks. Bentley provides the vault code after you collect the required number of clue bottles in a level. Once unlocked, Sly will obtain a new power-up or special item.

Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus[]

All platforming levels in Sly 1 have vaults, and these levels have clue bottles scattered throughout. Each level's corresponding LevelSaveData entry in the SaveData struct stores a count of how many clue bottles have been collected, as well as a set of flags that track which bottles have been collected.

Most vaults contain a page from the Thievius Raccoonus which unlocks a new Master Thief Move, while some vaults contain blueprints that upgrade the binoc-u-com.

The vault in Duel by the Dragon cannot be opened until Clockwerk has been defeated. After opening this final vault, the game will fade-to-black with a Cooper logo transition, and the cutscene The Thievius Raccoonus will play followed by the credits roll.

Unlock order[]

Regardless of which order the vaults are opened, Sly will always find the powerups within vaults in the same order. However, the third vault opened in each world will always contain the blueprints for that world.

The game determines the contents of a vault when the level is loaded, and it will not change unless the level is reloaded, either by cheat code or by exiting and re-entering the level. If Sly already has all power-ups when loading a vault level (ie. by using hacks), the vault will be empty and opening it will not be recorded on the save file.

Vault codes[]

Bentley will provide the vault code for a level once all the clue bottles in that level have been collected. Each level has its own pre-set vault code no matter what page is actually inside the vault.

Level Code

Paris, France

A Stealthy Approach` 7-9-2
High Class Heist 4-3-6
Into the Machine 2-2-7
A Cunning Disguise 2-4-2
The Fire Down Below 5-7-9
Gunboat Graveyard 7-1-9
A Rocky Start 3-1-4
Boneyard Casino 3-3-8
Two to Tango 5-3-2
Straight to the Top 4-6-8
Back Alley Heist 5-6-5
The Dread Swamp Path 5-8-8
Lair of the Beast 4-4-4
A Grave Undertaking 1-2-8
Descent into Danger 5-7-1
A Perilous Ascent 5-7-8
Flaming Temple of Flame 9-3-2
The Unseen Foe 6-6-7
Duel by the Dragon 2-3-1

Sly 2: Band of Thieves[]

In Sly 2, each episode has one vault hidden within a sub-area. Clue bottles are scattered throughout the hub for that episode. Once all the clue bottles have been collected, Bentley will instruct Sly to find the vault.

Sly 3: Honor Among Thieves[]

In Sly 3, vaults hidden behind paintings play a role in some jobs. For each vault, the three-digit code for the vault is hidden somewhere within the painting.